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Borscht – Russian Beet Soup

Borscht – Russian Beet Soup This dish is one of the staples of Russian cuisine, and it seems it has gained some popularity in the West as well. Like with most traditional recipes, there are many variations of this soup and the particular one I give here is one that is prepared within my family. […]

Russian Spinach / Sorrel Soup – Schevel

This is a popular and very healthy soup in Russia that can be eaten either hot or cold and is quite popular in the summer. The soup is not actually made with spinach, in Russia it is made with Sorrel leaves, which are similar in texture but are sour.  I’ve yet to find sorrel in […]

Mochanka (Belarussian)

Machanka is a traditional Belarussian dish, though I’m sure there are variations in other countries. It is a meat based stew/soup served with special thin, large, draniki (latkes). The preparation takes many steps and can involve multiple people working side by side, in fact it’ll be a lot quicker if you have someone helping you. […]