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Russian Fish Kotleti/Cutlets

If you’re looking beef/pork kotleti, you can find the recipe here. I decided to do fish separately since the recipe and preparation are a little different than with other meats.  The result is a very light and savory fish patty that is good with just about anything. Ingredients 2 pounds of fish filet (your choice) […]

Greek Style Fish

Though probably not Russian in origin, this is a common dish prepared in a lot of Russian households. How “Greek” it is I do not know, but it’s a very simple way to prepare an excellent seafood dish. Ingredients: A few steaks of fish (we used Pollock) 1 cup of flour 6oz can of tomato […]

Sprats Appetizer

European sprats are a type of small fish commonly, smoked, salted, and canned. Similar to sardines, they are primarily served as appetizer. You can serve them on a plate to compliment some vodka 😉 or dress with some lemon juice. The way my parents usually serve them is to make little sandwiches with them.  You’ll […]