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Meat Dishes

Belyashi (Meat Pies)

After a long hiatus, I’ve decided the first update needs to be another Russian favorite. This one is a very old Russian recipe and is actually Tatar in origin. Like with many old dishes, there are a large number of variations of this one. However, this particular recipe is how my family’s been doing it […]

Russian Fish Kotleti/Cutlets

If you’re looking beef/pork kotleti, you can find the recipe here. I decided to do fish separately since the recipe and preparation are a little different than with other meats.  The result is a very light and savory fish patty that is good with just about anything. Ingredients 2 pounds of fish filet (your choice) […]

Uzbek style Plov – Pilaf

This dish is native to most of the countries in central Asia and was spread to Russia during its soviet days. Indian cuisine has its own versions as well. As with any dish such as this, there are countless variations and many different names. In this recipe we use pork; in my family we prefer […]