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Sprats Appetizer

European sprats are a type of small fish commonly, smoked, salted, and canned. Similar to sardines, they are primarily served as appetizer.

sprats_appetizer (2)

You can serve them on a plate to compliment some vodka 😉 or dress with some lemon juice.

The way my parents usually serve them is to make little sandwiches with them.  You’ll need some white bread, french bread will do.

Additionally you’ll need some easily spreadable butter and some grated cheese (whichever you prefer).

sprats_appetizer (1)

Butter the slices of bread and arrange them on a lightly oiled cookie sheet. Place two to three sprats on each slice of bread and sprinkle enough grated cheese to form a crunchy crust.

sprats_appetizer (3)

sprats_appetizer (4)

Bake in the oven to let the cheese crust over and the bread to get crunchy.

sprats_appetizer (5)

Let cool and slice the bread into threes with a sprat per piece.


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  1. Dana Tock says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been searching for a good smoked sprats recipe. This is most definitely the WINNER. Great pics too! 😀

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