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Golubtsi – Meat Stuffed Cabbage rolls

This is a very common household dish in Russia and other Eastern European countries that goes back quite a while. As with most other household dishes, there are many different recipes having different fillings, sauces, etc. This recipe is the one that is prepared in my family and the results are quite good. Ingredients 1 […]

Russian Salad – Olivier / Olivye

This one is a staple of any Russian special occasion and there are countless variations and personal takes on this recipe. The original was the creation of a French chef working in Russia in the 19th century, and has since become definitive “Russian salad.” This recipe is my mother’s, and of all the ones I’ve […]

Russian Chicken on a Bottle

This method of Chicken preparation is not necessarily native to Russia, but is common in Eastern Europe.  It’s a quick and easy way to prepare a whole chicken and the results are very tasty. In the west there are similar recipes using beer bottles. This method is primarily used to keep the chicken moist, not […]