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Kolduni – Meat Stuffed Draniki / Latkes

This one is another recipe native to Belarus and might not be very well known other places. It is very simple is basically a combination of the Draniki recipe and the Kotleti recipe. All that you really have to know is how to make the stuffed patties. Ingredients Draniki ~15 medium potatoes 1 onion (grated) […]

Mochanka (Belarussian)

Machanka is a traditional Belarussian dish, though I’m sure there are variations in other countries. It is a meat based stew/soup served with special thin, large, draniki (latkes). The preparation takes many steps and can involve multiple people working side by side, in fact it’ll be a lot quicker if you have someone helping you. […]

Potato Pancakes, Latkes, Draniki

This is another dish from Eastern Europe that has a popular following in the rest of the world. The following recipe is probably more complicated than some other ones found on the web, in essence draniki are very simple. However, the additional ingredients definitely improve the texture and the end flavor. This will feed about […]