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Russian Fish Kotleti/Cutlets

If you’re looking beef/pork kotleti, you can find the recipe here. I decided to do fish separately since the recipe and preparation are a little different than with other meats.  The result is a very light and savory fish patty that is good with just about anything. Ingredients 2 pounds of fish filet (your choice) […]

Greek Style Fish

Though probably not Russian in origin, this is a common dish prepared in a lot of Russian households. How “Greek” it is I do not know, but it’s a very simple way to prepare an excellent seafood dish. Ingredients: A few steaks of fish (we used Pollock) 1 cup of flour 6oz can of tomato […]

Ukha/Uha Russian Fish Soup

Here’s a Russian favorite. Ukha, sometimes also spelled as Uha, is a Russian “fish soup” which is mostly just fish broth. The story goes that Russian fishermen would prepare this soup in the woods on open fire using the day’s catch. The recipe is loose but revolves around making the fish broth.  Almost any kind […]