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Mixed Meat Solyanka (Soup)

For a first update in a while I have decided to add a recipe for another very popular Russian (Ukrainian in origin) soup. This is another recipe with many different variations and in modifying it is actually encouraged. This particular recipe we pulled out of an old Russian recipe book and it produced some excellent […]

Belyashi (Meat Pies)

After a long hiatus, I’ve decided the first update needs to be another Russian favorite. This one is a very old Russian recipe and is actually Tatar in origin. Like with many old dishes, there are a large number of variations of this one. However, this particular recipe is how my family’s been doing it […]

Greek Style Fish

Though probably not Russian in origin, this is a common dish prepared in a lot of Russian households. How “Greek” it is I do not know, but it’s a very simple way to prepare an excellent seafood dish. Ingredients: A few steaks of fish (we used Pollock) 1 cup of flour 6oz can of tomato […]